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If you need top level service, coverage and rates, InsurePro is the only agency you need.

Dave’s endorsement is not bought, it’s earned.
And once earned, ELPs are held to a higher standard of excellence in order to maintain the endorsement. Dave Ramsey has a 50-person team that works with ELP’s make sure your ELP provides the same advice Dave would give. His team also makes sure that every ELP is someone you feel comfortable talking to and is a person you can trust. The team’s performance at InsurePro is evaluated every month by Dave’s team to be sure they are the best for you.


ELPs give great advice and have the heart of a teacher.

Dave’s team makes sure each of our ELPs truly has the “heart of a teacher,” so you can trust your ELP to provide top-notch insurance advice. ELPs take pride in the fact that they treat each Dave fan like a friend.


Why use a RamseyTrusted Pro independent insurance agent?

It’s simple! Choice, ethics, and professionalism. A shocking number of people in our country grossly overpay for car insurance, home insurance, and many other types of insurance without even realizing it. A RamseyTrusted Pro in Utah like InsurePro works for you, not the insurance company.


InsurePro is not limited to a single insurance company’s products or plans. We search for dozens of insurance products and tools from many reputable insurance companies. And best of all, it’s absolutely free to work with a RamseyTrusted Pro insurance professional!

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